Spa Maintenance & Cleaning Service

Avoid costly repairs and keep your spa properly maintained

The Best Thing For Your Spa Is Keeping It Properly Maintained

Proper maintenance ensures your spa will work efficiently year after year. It also reduces the probability of having to pay for costly repairs.

Aquaman Pools will take the headache out of your spa maintenance by regularly keeping your spa water balanced and the water chemistry in the perfect parameters to ensure that it is ready to use for you and your family whenever you would like to enjoy the oasis of your spa. We have many options as well to turn your spa experience into something usefull and enjoyable for you and your health and to improve the user experience every time you use your spa.

Let us take the headache out of your spa maintenance. Call Aquaman Pools today to set up an appointment for your ongoing spa cleaning and spa service.

The following services are included in your spa service plan:

  • Spa water tested & balanced as needed
  • Spa chemicals maintained as needed
  • Spa filters cleaned
  • Silver Ion Cartridge replaced (if needed at extra charge)
  • Spa turned on & functions checked
  • Spa shell cleaned & vacuumed
  • Add water to spa if water is low
  • Clean & condition spa cover as needed
  • Start-up products added (extra charge)
  • System Flush of plumbing (if needed at extra charge)
  • Bring any service needs to your attention

*It is recommended that all spas be drained and refilled on a Quarterly basis to ensure the proper balance of chemicals and the longest possible life span on your valuable investment. The is a service that we provide at a substantial discount to our regular service clients.


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what our customers are saying

Chrissy Grande

We love working with Aquaman Pools! As a Realtor, we often need inspections done quickly with reliable people and Aquaman is there for us every time with prompt service at a reasonable price. So glad to finally find a pool company that is affordable while still giving the client a great experience.

Christopher Haynes

I have known Chad for about a year. He has always been upfront and honest. Very easy to schedule. He always insures the jobs are done right and he and his guys are top notch. Cant recommend highly enough.

Brett Helgeson

The Aquaman team has taken care of our pool for some time now and the pool looks great! They are professional, well trained and timely with all of their service. Chad and his team are the type of professionals you want to work with! Thank you for all you do Aquaman team!

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