Salt Water Pools

Salt water swimming pools offer a healthy alternative for your skin because they utilize fewer chemicals. Find out if a salt water pool is for you.

Growth Of Salt Water Pools

Prior to the advent of pool chlorinators, it was necessary to keep swimming pools safe and functional by adding, handling and storing harsh chlorination chemicals. Today, salt water pool systems offer a simpler and safer alternative for pool maintenance without the negative effects of traditional chlorine chemicals.

The market for “salt water pools” (or pools equipped with a salt chlorine generator system or automatic sanitizer system) is growing exponentially. It is estimated that over 50% of all new in-ground pool installations are now equipped with this technology. In addition, a significant number of existing pools are converted to these salt-water-systems each year. The primary drivers behind this growth include better feeling, less irritating pool water – combined with simpler and safer maintenance.

The Chlorination Process At Work In Salt Water Pools

Chlorine is a necessary agent to maintain a safe swimming pool environment. Chlorine not only disinfects water, it reacts to kill disease-causing organisms such as bacteria, algae, ammonia and other organic matter that can be introduced into a pool system over time. Traditionally, liquid chlorine has been used to introduce necessary chlorine agent into a pools’ system. While liquid chlorine works well functionally, it can lead to many negative side effects on hair, skin, eyes and clothing, which are not ideal. Today, pools equipped with a salt chlorine generator system or automatic sanitizer system (a.k.a. salt water pools), can perform the same function but without the negative effects.

How Does A Salt Water Pool Get Chlorine Then?

When pool salt (NaCl) is dissolved in a salt water pool water, the salt chlorine generator system, or automatic sanitizer system electrolyzes the salt and transforms the chloride (Cl) portion of the salt into chlorine. This chlorine dissolves in the water to perform the same functions as conventional liquid chlorine used in pool maintenance. However, unlike traditional liquid chlorine used in pool maintenance, salt chlorinator systems generate “free” chlorine as water passes through the electrolytic cell which destroys chloramines responsible for “chlorine odor”, red/irritated eyes, bleached/green hair and damaged bathing suits.


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