Pressure Washing

Still scrubbing your pool deck by hand? Relief is in sight, let Aquaman help. We make your pool, deck or bathroom look like new again.

Pressure washing of pools, decks and bathrooms make them look new again.

The best time to have your pool deck pressure washed is right before the summer season. Make sure to you ask your pool technician and see the difference a clean deck will make.

Aquaman Pools includes a free pressure washing of your pool deck with every acid washing and pool draining that we do. Call us at Aquaman Pools today to get a quote on a clean up of your pool deck and combine it with an acid wash for a fresh clean surface that you and your family will love to enjoy.

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Doug Hill

Amazing service. Fast, friendly, and fair. I had a pool company tell me that they could not find the source of the leak at our pool. They said they’d get back to me but never did. I called Aquaman Pools and their technician located the problem immediately. They did the work while I was away for the day and when I came back the problem was fixed. Not only was it fixed but the technician blew the leaves away from my Kool deck so that no leaves got in my pool. That wasn’t his job, but he did it anyway. I’m simply amazed. Have a problem with your pool? Call them. Need regular pool service? Call them. You, too, will be amazed.

Christopher Haynes

I have known Chad for about a year. He has always been upfront and honest. Very easy to schedule. He always insures the jobs are done right and he and his guys are top notch. Cant recommend highly enough.

Jenifer Javia

Chad is my pool’s Super Hero! His team approaches servicing pools in a purely scientific fashion, making sure that it is healthy enough for a year-round dip. Yes, you read that right… YEAR ROUND! Scottsdale can get chilly in the fall and winter, but with a well-maintained pool heater, swimming is a 365 affair. I would recommend Aquaman Pools without a doubt. His team’s passion for all things pool is evident in the top notch service you are sure to receive.

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