Fountains & Water Features

The most important aspect of fountain preservation is proper routine maintenance.

Aquaman Pools offers complete fountain and water feature service, parts and maintenance. Startup, seasonal maintenance, repairs, and proper winterization are available for all types of fountains.

Aquaman Pools has the on staff experience of over 15-years in the fountain business and a professional staff for all of your fountain needs.
Proper routine maintenance is the most important aspect to a fountains preservation of the quality of the effect and the longevity of the equipment.

We keep your water features and fountains beautiful and running correctly by closely maintaining the water chemistry and keeping debris to a minimum. It is critical to the longevity of your water feature to ensure these items are handled on a regular basis. Aquaman Pools has the experience in these specific areas far above your average pool guy and we can ensure that your expensive fountain and water feature equipment has the longest life possible and is beautiful every day with one of our excellent maintenance plans.

We have a full service department, which offers the following:

  • Weekly / Monthly maintenance
  • Adjustments and level checks
  • Technical and design services
  • Electrical service checks
  • Drain and Clean services
  • Calcium Removal services
  • Surface and equipment Repairs
  • Pump Replacement
  • Water feature re-tiling
  • Re-staining and Re-sealing
  • Fountain Re-leveling
  • Pump replacement
  • Leak Detection


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what our customers are saying

Christopher Haynes

I have known Chad for about a year. He has always been upfront and honest. Very easy to schedule. He always insures the jobs are done right and he and his guys are top notch. Cant recommend highly enough.

Jenifer Javia

Chad is my pool’s Super Hero! His team approaches servicing pools in a purely scientific fashion, making sure that it is healthy enough for a year-round dip. Yes, you read that right… YEAR ROUND! Scottsdale can get chilly in the fall and winter, but with a well-maintained pool heater, swimming is a 365 affair. I would recommend Aquaman Pools without a doubt. His team’s passion for all things pool is evident in the top notch service you are sure to receive.

Brett Helgeson

The Aquaman team has taken care of our pool for some time now and the pool looks great! They are professional, well trained and timely with all of their service. Chad and his team are the type of professionals you want to work with! Thank you for all you do Aquaman team!

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